Cover their first step

Insurance that protects your members when they leave point A and aren’t able to get to point B

Insurance Broking

Chifley Insurance Brokers offers a comprehensive insurance broking service of group insurance policies designed to provide valuable protection for your members.  We provide both tender management and account management services.

We specialise in broking:

We’ve also assisted hundreds of businesses and unions work together to introduce such insurance and protection for employees onto worksites and in Enterprise Agreements.  We understand the complexities and sensitivities around these negotiations and provide a transparent broking model ensuring the client and end members receive comprehensive cover at competitive rates.

Why use Chifley Insurance Brokers?

There are many reasons to use us as your insurance broker.  These include:

  • Unlike dealing with insurers, we work for you and represent your best interests.
  • We provide a level of transparency
  • Our experience and knowledge can help you make the right decision for your business and employees.
  • We can help you create tailored solutions for your employees and provide you the guidance and advice you need.
  • We generate market interest and competition, using a panel of local and international insurers to get access to competitive rates, premium policy wording and value-for-money cover.
  • We save you time and money. You don’t have to deal with multiple insurers to get quotes, negotiate pricing, analyse policy wording and compare responses to make your decision. We take the leg work out of reviewing the market to find the right insurance to meet your needs.
  • We provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand tender report comparing the insurers’ offerings, so you can easily assess what’s right for you and your employees.
  • We help establish your policy and provide account and policy management services so you always have ongoing support.

We’ve helped many unions and associations find the right insurance over the years, so why not give us a call? Our experience and knowledge could be just what you need to get the job done right.

Tender Management

Your broker

Chifley Insurance Brokers offer tender review services to make sure you find a competitive and appropriate solution for your insurance needs. When you enlist our tender management services, we will:

  • Understand and analyse your requirements
  • Prepare a thorough underwriting submission
  • Extend an invitation to tender to a select panel of underwriters
  • Negotiate on your behalf to secure competitive pricing and comprehensive cover
  • Issue a tender report comparing your options and providing a summary of findings
  • Place and establish your group policy

Once your policy is set up, a dedicated account manager will make sure you receive the ongoing support and administration services you need. To find out more, give our team a call or leave your details in our online contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

Account Management

Your dedicated account manager

 Chifley will appoint a dedicated account manager to manage your account with your insurer, as well as providing you account management services that include:

  • Processing and distributing all relevant documentation between you and the insurer
  • Providing educational material for your employees as required
  • Liaising with the insurer on behalf of both you and your employees where required
  • Providing feedback on performance of policy wherever necessary
  • Managing the renewal of your policy
  • Providing general assistance

Your administration team

Depending on the policy established, we’ll also take charge of certain administrative duties, including:

  • Registering employees as insured persons
  • Collecting and remitting insurance premiums on a monthly basis to the insurer.
  • Providing monthly tax invoices.

We recommend that you get in touch with our team to discover more about the account management services we offer. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill in our online contact form.



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