Together We Can

Set a new benchmark in financial security for your members and better their financial future. Together with Chifley, you can.

Solutions for Associations

Achieving greatness is just the beginning

Unions and industry associations play a pivotal role in our community, creating and improving standards and representing the interests of their members to give them a better future.

Our levels of minimum wage, health and safety standards, leave entitlements and superannuation are just some of the achievements brought in on the back of the union movement.  There is so much to be proud of.

Unfortunately, the efforts are often unseen by many who benefit from it. Much of what has been fought for is now seemingly commonplace, and the value of membership can be less apparent, which may be a factor in a decline in union membership.

Staying relevant and pushing the boundaries is what is needed and is what unions have done for well over a century in this country.

Chifley, with origins in the union movement, understands this need and the ethos shared by all unions, to better the lives of the worker, the everyday Australian.

We work hard to strengthen the financial security of workers, your members, by protecting, managing and growing wealth.  We do this by providing insurance services that you can offer directly to your members and employee entitlements that can be introduced to their place of work.  Our offering includes:

  • Insurance Broking of group policies such as
    • income protection insurance (also known as accident and sickness or salary continuance),
    • death & total and permanent disability insurance and
    • journey cover insurance.
  • Discount Health Insurance rewarding members for taking up health cover through your member benefits program.

Champion a new level of worker entitlements and reward your members with benefits that helps them provide a better life for themselves and their families.  Contact us and speak to the experienced team at Chifley today to find out more.



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